Station Central

Landing 22/22.

Asteroid one kilometer in diameter. Captured in the Kuiper area between Mars and Jupiter. Its weight is 1 Million tons. and the asteroid is connected to Central Station by a nano-carbon cable 12 000 kilometers long,


Terminal of the Odyssey Space Elevator. Its diameter is 2 kilometers. The Station is equipped with docks, laboratories and a central Naos sheltering SOL, the artificial intelligence that drives the elevator.

An object, whatever its size, placed in a geostationary orbit remains permanently above the same point of the equator. The geostationary earth orbit, or so-called geosynchronous, is exactly located at 36,000 kilometers of altitude.

Fortress. Landing 16/22

Intermediate landing equipped with observation and defense systems, especially for the detection and destruction of asteroids and meteorites that could endanger the structure of Odyssey..


Positioned at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers (geostationary orbit), Odyssey is composed of 8 main levels with docks, habitats and laboratories, and 14 intermediate stages mainly for elevator maintenance and energy management equipment. 22 steps in total

Geostationary orbit

42 000 kilometers

36 000 kilometers

20 000 kilometers

ISS. Landing 5/22.


First station created in the twentieth century. The International Space Station.

480 kilometers

Gate One.Landing 8/22


First level at the edge of the earth's atmosphere. He is named "The Door of the Void".

880 kilometers


The inhabitants of the Starlift

Bio-Mecas, MecaBots & NanosBots




The RUMOR is a cold force,

IT has colonized the Starlift since the apocalypse of the Great Deluge.

IT is the emanation of an intelligent universe, parallel to ours.

ITS will is to extinguish our Universe thanks to the Dark Matter and Dark Energy that IT controls and makes the Human species disappear.

Only the Trans Humans of which An Mater LIIN is the leader, can raise their consciousness to the level of the Celestial Programmer who protects our Universe.

The alliance with LIIN and the Human species is indispensable to him in order to defeat the RUMOR their common enemy.

Able to 'Morph' the RUMOR can take many forms, from the infinitely small (particle clouds) to the infinitely large (Planet, vessel, wormhole ...)

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Our Universe is inhabited by a unique, exceptional and lonely programmatic intelligence who, in truth, has been waiting for one thing for billions of years: that Man mutate, fully access the Quantum reality and finally enters the Digital Age to be able to communicate with Him and fight together against the RUMOR .






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