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Planète Predicts Saga
PREDICTS Logo astrologique
HAL 9000. Hommage à 2001 Space Odyssey
Brand logo PREDICTS

The Future is already written

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Saga PREDICTS Planète


Planète Predicts Saga
Planète Predicts Saga
Saga PREDICTS. Character.

Futur Humain

Digital Art Mutin

Futures Art Lab

Post Human Art

Trans Humanism

Sciences et Arts pour inventer le Futur

Thierry Mutin


Encyclopedia galactica; Predicts Saga
Logo animé Saga Predicts

Encyclopedia. The Secrets of the future 

Art Book Saga Predicts.
Predicts Logo animé.
Predicts Roue astrale Brand
PREDICTS Final Brand. Creation Thierry Mutin

The Saga illustrated. Art Book

Bridge to the Stars Season 1 Predicts saga
Hunters and Prey. Predicts saga season 2
Battle of the Skies Predicts saga season 3.
Eternal Medallion Predicts sagagseason 4
 Awakening of the Mother Machiens predicts saga season 5
The Paths of Blood. BPredicts saga season  6

                       Season 1                   Season 2                    Season 3                  Season 4                    Season 5                  Season 6

Human & Beyond
Dolby Atmos

PREDICTS  CD. La symphonie PREDICTS. Human & Beyond
PREDICTS La Symphonie.

Epic 3

Symphony PREDICTS Interieur LP

Songs of the Tribes

PREDICTS  brand. Design Thierry Mutin
PREDICTS  CD. La symphonie PREDICTS. Human & Beyond
Plateforme Quiin Nativ. Thierry Mutin Art

Songs of the Tribes

Liin et Xiang Intérieur livret CD 2 Predicts

Just a sign
Song of the Sea
Seed of Love
Mutant Soul
The Road to Paradise


Lanscape Saga Predicts.
Cards Game Saga PREDICTS. Design Thierry Mutin
Menu Site T Mutin
Symbole AI. L'oeil de Hal. An 2001 Space Odyssey.
Gif Creation Therry Mutin
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