M  U  T  I  N

Photo de Thierry MUTIN, Post Human Artiste.



Thierry Mutin is a French multidisciplinary creator, a polymath,born on January 1, 1958.

Author, painter and composer, his creations and research works are mainly oriented towards the future of Human specy . He is one of the creators of the Post-Humanist Artistic Movement that was born in Silicon Valley.


Thierry Mutin has co-writed, with Elizabeth Hirschmann, a Literary Saga entitled « PREDICTS » which is a powerful mix between sci-fi and astrology.

This large-scale project, having required years of research and writing, was created form the outset as a content for an international Full-length film or TV show Series.


From his first exhibitions in France (1980), Thierry Mutin was part of the trend of fantastic art (Hieronymus Bosch, Alfred Durer, Escher, etc.) and science fiction (Chris Foss, Moebius, Hans Rudy Geiger, etc. ).

Since 2006, he has been involved in the sciences and new technologies developed in the silicon valley and participates in think tanks (Millemium, Humanity +, Transhumanist Association)His research is mainly based on the links between Science, Arts and Anthropology and more particularly on the stakes of the mutations imposed by the digitization of the world and the infosphere by multiple techniques (2D/3D sensory landscapes, sound 'sculptures', interactive scenographies  etc.).

In order to meet institutions, companies and private collector’s expectations in the field of Digital Art, Thierry Mutin has created the "Mutin Art Lab" (Mind maps, digital murals, immersive installations and digital sculptures ...), and the « Walls Art Lux collection » : a collection of panoramic paintings and digital frescoes inspired by matter and energy.

The galleries that represent him are in Atlanta (Georgia) and Paris.


In the field of musical creation, Thierry Mutin, composer &nd author, began his career in 1984,using his different voice registers: countertenor and baritone.

His original work makes him one of the precursors of epic music because of his inspiration linked to the worlds of eroic fantasy and science fiction which has always been his own and by the symphonic scope of the arrangements.

He composed, performed and recorded 7 albums (in the Universal, Warner and Arcade catalogs):

Sketch of Love, Talisman, Miracles, Songs of the Ring, Songs for my Lady I, II, III and many singles derived from his albums.


He completes the creation and composition of an epic music album designed to enrich the universe of the PREDICTS Saga.

He is also currently recording in Paris a personal album in French and English versions intended for the European and US markets, which is scheduled for release in  2021.


DMB January 2021