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Photo de Thierry MUTIN, Post Human Artiste.

M  U  T  I  N

The art of inventing the future

Thierry Mutin is a French multidisciplinary creator, born January 1, 1958.
Writer, painter and composer, passionate about science, his creations and research are oriented towards the future of the Human species. He is one of the creators of the Post-Human artistic movement born in Silicon Valley. Through the conceptual power of his multidimensional works, he has revived the Total Art movement born in the 19th century, while giving it a scope that has made him a precursor of digital and immersive art and epic storytelling and music

Thierry Mutin created and co-wrote, with Elizabeth Hirschmann, the PREDICTS saga, a science fiction epic that stages the probable future of Humanity in a context of war between humans and augmented humans (transhuman mutants).
Conceived as a complete universe, the saga is a total work of art, combining predictions, writing, graphics and musical compositions, PREDICTS required years of research to give the reader the impression of a realistic future in which they can fully immerse themselves.

Since his first exhibitions in France (1980), Thierry Mutin is registered in the current of fantastic art (Hieronymus Bosch, Alfred Dürer, Gustave Doré, Escher, etc.) and science fiction (Asimov, Herbert, Chris Foss, Moebius, Hans Rudy Geiger...).
Since the beginning of the 90's, he has been involved in computer science, especially in information processing, data and metadata, and his creations are inspired by the sciences and new technologies developed in Silicon Valley. He participates in think tanks (Millemium, Humanity +, Transhumanist Association) and his research is mainly based on the links between science, art and anthropology and in particular on the stakes of the mutations imposed by the digitalization of the world, the computerization of beings and the infosphere baptized by Marc Zuckerberg, Metaverse. 

In the field of musical creation, Thierry Mutin, composer and author, began his career in 1984, using his different vocal registers: countertenor and baritone.
His original work makes him one of the forerunners of epic music by his inspiration linked to the fantasy and science fiction universes that have always been his and by the symphonic scope of the arrangements.
He has composed, performed and recorded 9 albums and numerous singles (in the Universal, Warner, Sony and Arcade catalogues).
Thierry Mutin has just completed the creation and composition of two albums of epic music that will enrich the universe of the PREDICTS saga: 
Human & Beyond and Songs of the Tribes.

DMB.Art Magazine. January 2023


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