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Photo de Thierry MUTIN, Post Human Artiste.



Thierry Mutin is a researcher and a multidisciplinary artist, painter, writer and composer.

He is the creator of the Futures Art Lab and a leading artist  in the Trans & Post Humanist Scientific, Cultural and Artistic currents.


For twenty years, he has explored the boundaries between Sciences (Quantum Physics, Computer Science, Nano and Bio technology, Cognitive Sciences...) and Art.


His mastery of digital embodiments allows him to expand his traditional technique of drawing and oil painting to create sensory landscapes in 2D / 3D and interactive scenography leading the viewer to live an  extraordinary artistic experience into a true augmented reality.


If he is passionate about the prospects of hybridization of Man/ Machines and the contemporary scientist revolution which opens  unprecedented opportunities to the artistic creations, he is also aware of the ethical questions demanded by the emergence of Post-Humanism, developed, among others, from the campus and enterprises of the American West Coast (Silicon Valley, Stanford, Singularity University, Google ...).

In the musical creation field, Thierry Mutin, as a counter-tenor, has a special place. He creates and performs a unique directory by its wealth of compositions, his lyrics and poetic intensity.


Due to his artistic and scientific culture, Thierry Mutin opens the doors of a new representation of the world in which man and his humanism, are completely transcended by his visionary creations ... awaiting the Post Human times to come...


Thierry Mutin as a designer and analyst (R&D) works for prestigious brands (L'Oreal, Lanvin...) and is deeply committed to research and debate of ideas (Stanford, Singularity University, Google...) imposed to mankind as a whole by the creation of Artificial Intelligences (AI), the search for immortality, the production of cyborgs and the developpement of Meta Data ...


He share his life between USA and France and has entirely dedicated his life to make the public live and understand the scientific and sociologic issues of the Post Human evolution.

In the beginning of the XXI century, the 'homo sapiens', more than ever, is in front of the most difficult choices he has to face since 70 000 years.


DMB January 2019.




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